Monday Morning Mull

12/03/10 7:47 AM

APRIL 13, 2015   Monday morning Blog.    Getting the week & this blog started on a sunny note.   Everyone is smiling today with temps going into the high 60’s, opening day at Fenway,  and grass gathering shades of green.   I spent the weekend in Pennsylvania at a family wedding.  Great to see the green grass, forsythia blooming, even magnolia tree buds brimming with pinky-purple passion.

The goats are full of energy this morning.  Adults outside in the paddock kicking up their heels,  kid goats jumping and bouncing from rock to rock.  We will go for a woods walk later today – This will be crazy with goats going everywhere!

Cheese is being made 3 times a week now.  The spring cheese is full of freshness and flavor.

The farm is alive with sounds and sights of spring.  Last evenings walk with Bella was enlivened with two dueling turkeys, coyotes singing, spring peepers peeping and wood frogs frogging.   I was happy to see two bats swooping here and there in the upper hay field, “the Bobka piece”.

Back from the walk, Bella and I sat on the huge and slowly melting pile of plowed snow by the edge of the pond.  Evening stars & planets were beginning to  sparkle, a soft breeze blew ripples into the pond, and the remaining ice interrupted the bank reflection.  The warm evening air laughed at the coldness of the snow in my hands as I crouched on the pile.

We play a game of guessing the date of Ice Out.   I guessed April 12 — Wrong!    Looks like it will be tomorrow – the 14th    This date was my first guess– but then I changed my mind…  darn– need to listen to my inner being more often!!

On with my day.   I’ll be adding photos to this blog, and look forward to a weekly routine of sharing the haphazards of  a farm in general….   a goat farm in particular!

4 Comments on “Monday Morning Mull”

  1. Rosalee Says:

    Dear Ann and Eric,

    I just did your entire web site. Really, really great.

    Congratulations on this new way to share about Crystal Brook.


  2. admin Says:

    HI Rosalee, THANK YOU! Learning more each day and working to keep the site current… H0pe to see you soon.

  3. Christine Says:

    Love you’re new website, excellent reflection on what you’re all about…it’s so cool that you grow the food your goats eat. I appreciate you both, we need more people in the world growing and producing quality food from start to finish!

    Thanks for your continued support and sharing your knowledge with The Goat Dairy project and other goat farmers in Grenada, West Indies.

    Christine & Co.

  4. The Grenada Goat Dairy Says:

    Dear Ann,

    We would love to have some of your baby doe kids…

    as of today we have 15 kids ~ 12 bucks and 3 does!

    Kind thoughts…The Grenada Goat Dairy Crew

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