Welcome to Goat-titude!!!!

GOAT-titude – as defined by author Ann Starbard – is the mental state that is necessary to thrive with the IMG_3526inquisitive, adventurous, adaptable, impish, intelligent, laughable and energetic behavior of goats.    Learn how to develop or enhance your GOAT-titude with Ann’s newly released  Dairy Goat Handbook – for Backyard, Homestead, and Small Farm.    Dairy Goat Handbook compiles the knowledge and experience of Ann’s life long passion – dairy animal care.   This handbook encourages a sound, practical and reasonable approach to raising, tending, milking and enjoying dairy goats.

Dairy Goat Handbook helps answer the question – “Is keeping dairy goats for me?”.  The required commitment and dedication for keeping dairy goats is positively rewarded with warm companionship, nutritional milk and dairy products, and simple, free flowing fun.   Information found in Dairy Goat Handbook decreases the anxiety and “scare factor” of raising goats.  Learn about selecting dairy goats, anatomy, feeding, breeding, birthing, health care, milking and making dairy products.

Ann is developing a GOAT-titude Blog and will be selling books through this webpage.   Currently,  you can purchase books by contacting Ann :   Goattitude2015@gmail.com :

She will contact you to exchange credit card information and shipping address.  MORE TO COME —  as a herd of milking goats will allow!!    Stop back and check in the near future.

Get you GOAT-titude!

Get you GOAT-titude!

Strengthen your GOAT-titude!!   It makes the world go ’round!